New York, NY

Iponweb is a tech finance company with offices in Moscow and New York City. Our task was to transform a quintessential old New York City, 5,000 square foot loft into a clean, modern office space that pays homage to their headquarters in Moscow.

hot desk office space with light wood flooring
open concept office space with seating area and desks

To break up the long, narrow space, and deliniate private spaces from communal hang out areas, we created enclosed meeting rooms and phone pods for quiet conversations and a lounge with café style seating opposite the kitchen area for less formal, group gatherings. We also created an additional lounge with modular ottomans and easy-to-move arm chairs that can be rearranged for larger or smaller meetings. To add interest to large stretches of blank walls, and to infuse the company’s branding, we played with geometric shapes and bold colors, including a 20’ custom mural.

private office phone booth with glass door and black and white color theme
office reception area design with elevators
office kitchen design with modern metal seating
modern open concept office space with computers, light colored wood desks and black office chairs

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