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Modern, holistic interior designer for high-end residential and commercial spaces, completed in Westchester, New York City, and throughout the globe.

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Full-Service Interior design That Goes Beyond Spaces

Did you know that our homes, communities, and surrounding environments affect our daily motivations, behaviors, and lifestyle, accounting for 80-90% of our health outcomes? At Gala Magriñá Design, we believe that creating the perfect space is as essential to your well-being as sleep, diet, and exercise—and we are passionate about making that a reality.

We specialize in designing spaces that are beautiful, functional, and centered on well-being. Whether it’s a home, office, retail store, or wellness center, we craft environments that align with your needs and desires.

Full-service interior design project in NYC, showcasing a sophisticated and cohesive space with modern furniture, stylish decor, and a well-balanced color palette.



"She has a uniquely creative and energetic mind but also listens carefully to her clients."

- Jonathan G.
VP of Development, Commercial Client

"We loved working with Gala and her team and couldn't be happier with how our home turned out."

- Jessica r.
Westchester, NY Homeowner

"Walking into my newly designed spaces was like stepping into a luxurious sanctuary that perfectly encapsulates my style and personality."

- Vanetta F.
New York City, Homeowner

"They really made an effort to listen to what was important to us and collaborated with us to find solutions that worked within our time and budget constraints"

- Richard S.
Studio Principal, Commercial Client


Interior design projects can be stressful. You may feel like you don’t know where to begin and are overwhelmed with the entire process.

Unlike other interior design agencies, Gala and her team are as obsessed with design as they are with the processes and procedures that ensure a stress free journey. Our goal is to provide the perfect space for you and to create the best experience along the way.

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Gala Magrina, holistic interior designer in NYC & Westchester

Interior Design Services

Full-service interior design available for new builds and complete renovations of residential and commercial interiors. You can also leverage Gala’s expert advice with 1-on-1 holistic design consulting services.