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Gala Magriñá is a holistic design expert speaker and the recipient of IWBI’s 2022 “The Next Frontier of Design” Award. Gala is a Well AP, a Parsons Healthy Materials Advocate and is certified in Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui.

Please get in touch to discuss which topics will be best for your audience. Or, to create a custom program for your guests.

Intro To Holistic Interior Design

Our spaces are so much more than what we can touch, taste, see, hear and smell. Join Gala in this inspiring talk as she explains the impact our spaces have on us and walks you through her Beyond Spaces methodology. Learn to leverage your space for better health, happiness, mood, productivity and wellbeing.

The Power of Well-Designed Spaces

Join Gala in this eye opening talk as she explains the impact our spaces have on on our wellbeing, mood and productivity- making them just as important as diet and exercise when it comes to a living a high performance lifestyle. She will share the ten most important things you can do to create an optimal space for yourself/family/employees.

Level Up: A Holistic Approach To Business Success

Gala shares 5 pillars she’s identified and tested over her 15 years in business. Gala delivers the strategies you need to "Level Up" through a holistic approach to personal health, corporate wellness, and design. Executives and business owners can implement these pillars to thrive both on a personal and professional level: The Mind Body Soul Connection, Identity, Boundaries, Discipline and Ease, Gratitude.

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Gala is changing the world one space and conversation at a time.

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Gala Magriñá is a dynamic speaker with a unique ability to engage diverse audiences on a variety of design & wellness topics. Here are a few FAQs you might have before considering Gala to speak at your event.

Gala typically does a 60 minute talk and 15 minutes for Q+A. She can also work with you to pair a talk down to 30 minutes based on what you want the focus to be.

Gala is located in New York and travels both nationally and internationally for talks.

Yes, Gala will travel throughout the United States and internationally to speak at your event.

Absolutely. This is a great way to tailor something to your audience so they can benefit even more from the session with Gala. If you have specific requirements for your keynote speaker, or have a topic in mind, send Gala an email using the “Let’s Talk” button below to send Gala an email. Or, contact her at [email protected]

 Yes. Gala loves hosting workshops as it allows for more audience interaction.


Hosting corporate wellness speakers is becoming increasingly popular as data continues to show the correlation between wellness and organizational performance.

Elements such as mindful workspaces, ergonomics, and Feng Shui all contribute to corporate culture and productivity.

Gala has done these as virtual or in person “lunch and learns” for various companies, and can work with you to create something specific for your employees.

Gala Magriñá offers enriching public speaking engagements that she tailors to a broad spectrum of audiences. Groups from industry professionals like architects and designers to diverse groups in various sectors—including but not limited to employees at fashion and wellness companies like GOOP and Ralph Lauren, organizations, and any collective looking to understand design’s profound impact on productivity and well-being.

Absolutely. Gala’s speaking approach is to distill complex design principles into relatable insights, ensuring that whether you’re a design expert or a professional from another field, you’ll find her presentations enlightening and applicable.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected] or click the button below.

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