Long Island City, NY

LIC Office Design

International creative agency DesignStudio hired us to design their brand new US headquarters in Long Island City, New York. Working with highly creative clients who were focused on storytelling, as well as bringing in elements of Queens, lead to quality collaboration and very intentional design choices. The final result is a 4,000 SF office space that really marries the brand’s identity with the culture of their new home in New York City.

Collaboration Space Office Design

We designed spaces for every type of work and interaction you could want in an office:  Variable meeting rooms that are conducive to zoom calls and a hybrid work schedule, a casual and laid back all-hands meeting space, and areas for collaborative brainstorming or single task focused work. All tables and desks are custom-made and incorporate power and data modules to make it easy to work from anywhere in the office. Both highly functional and beautiful, this office is truly made for the way that people work in a post-covid world.

Creative Office Design New York City
Creative Agency Office Design

Design-wise, we focused on a mix of mid-century meets industrial and modern – which is also a nod to the historic Plaxall building where the office resides. We styled the space so that it feels genuine and slightly effortless – where a meeting of creative minds can come to convene, work and play. We incorporated art and décor smalls that related to New York and Queens, and employed a local neon vendor to fabricate the custom neon sign that welcomes guests into the space.

Office Reception Design NY
Tonal Conference Room Design
Private Office With Plants

The space is fun, unique, inspiring, and a true reflection of the creative agency that it’s now home to.

Eclectic Cafe Design

Photos by Joseph Kramm

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