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As we work closely with individuals in our Beyond Spaces home consults, and dive deeper into holistic interior design and what it means in terms of living a happier, healthier and more aligned life, we are officially adding residential to our services. And what better way to kick off this new arm of our agency than a feature of our latest residential project in Apartment Therapy? Read more in our latest issue!


For years now we have been doing residential interior design work on the DL for some of our commercial clients. As we delve deeper into holistic interior design and with people spending more time at home, the move to expand into residential, like most great things in life, kind of just – happened.

Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparro
Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparro

At Gala Magriñá Design, we believe that our inner worlds reflect our outer worlds and therefore, to live in harmony, our homes should reflect who we are inside- in addition to looking beautiful. Working through a holistic lens allows us to go deeper than just surface when working with clients, so we’re not only creating a beautiful space but also helping our clients address and move through any personal issues or goals they may have. This, along with bringing nature in and working with the space and our clients on an energetic level, helps us create beautiful spaces that are also healthy and energetically sound. In the process, a lot of self-discovery and ‘AHA!’ moments are had, resulting in more awareness and an overall sense of well being so that both our clients and their spaces feel good.

Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparro
Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparro

For our latest feature in Apartment Therapy, a tour of of Gala Magriñá’s own home, click here.

And to check out more of our residential work

Gala Magriñá Design works with clients that understand the importance of creating a beautiful space and want to work with a no-nonsense design team that is able to clearly chart the best way forward. What separates or approach from other designers is our extensive knowledge of how people live and how best to create a customized space that nurtures that. We aim to merge cool and beautiful interiors with a holistic, mindful and intuitive approach to design that results in powerful, healthy spaces that elevate and transform people’s lives. For more information please visit

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