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Gala Magriñá is a thought leader in the holistic interior design space and recipient of IWBI’s 2022 “The Next Frontier of Design” Award. She is a Well AP, a Parsons Healthy Materials Advocate and is certified in Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui.

Why should I take the beyond spaces course?

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After giving her signature talk “Intro to Holistic Interior Design” to venerable groups such as Goop, Ralph Lauren and HER, Gala has heard from tons of audience members who want to learn more about holistic interior design and how to use it in their lives. That’s why Gala is teaching this course. 

This course is right for you if you:

If any of this resonates with you, then you're in the right place.

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What will I learn in the Beyond Spaces Course?

After taking this course you'll:

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The Beyond Spaces Course Begins
September 2024

What You'll Discover In The Beyond Spaces Course

Session 1 - Intro to Holistic Interior Design

In week 1 we’ll start with some introductions and icebreakers. It’s a chance for us all to get to know each other so we can create a safe, open, comfortable, and relaxed environment to learn and commune.

After a 2-minute guided meditation to help center and ground us, Gala will explain:

This first session will help you begin changing the way you think about interior design and begin understanding the tremendous impact that the spaces we design and live in have on us.

Our Beyond Spaces Methodology consists of (12) tenets that take the entire person (mind, body and soul) into consideration AND creates spaces that are in right relationship to Mother Nature.

This approach is super inspiring and eye opening as it introduces a new way to view and approach how you design your home or office.

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Session 2 - The Beyond Spaces Methodology: In the Flow

Feng Shui + The Language of Space

In this session we will focus solely on some Feng Shui basics that will give us a broader understanding of how our design choices impact clients.

Feng Shui and the Language of Space The ancient practice of Feng Shui provides a philosophy for understanding the physical environment, what it’s reflecting back to you and how to create a home or office that is supportive instead of draining. 

By understanding some of the basic tenets of this practice you will acquire the tools needed to be able to supercharge your space so that it’s not only beautiful but also life supporting.

Modern holistic living room design

Session 3 - The Beyond Spaces Methodology: Connect to Nature

In this session we will cover four different topics relating to natural elements and their effects on people:

EMF's + Geopathic Abnormalities

In this session we will cover four different topics relating to natural elements and their effects on people:

Biophilia- Bringing Nature into your home or office is paramount for well-being and has a myriad of benefits that will be discussed.

Light Understand the connection between natural light and your mood as well as what to choose for your own home for maximum well-being.

Air- What you need to know about how air affects you and easy things you can do to ensure optimum air quality.

EMF’s + Geopathic Abnormalities- Learn and understand what natural and man-made EMFs are, what their impact is on your health and how to avoid them.

Session 4 - The Beyond Spaces Methodology: Function of Space

In this session we will cover three more topics related to optimizing the functionality of our spaces:

Creating Sanctuary in space
Creating spaces that invite sociability and community
The existing energy in spaces and why it matters

Sanctuary Why creating a “Sanctuary” spot in your home is rarely considered and paramount to well-being.

Sociability + Community- Presently, one of the global populations biggest pandemics is loneliness. Understand some of the ways you can design your space to better support socializing and coming together.

Energy- Understand why you may feel a certain way when you walk into a room and what you can do to reset the energy in your home or office.

Session 5 - The Beyond Spaces Methodology: Mindfulness

In this session we will cover the four final topics relating to finishes and the decor we choose for our spaces:

The power of color
Specifying for sustainability
The basics of healthy materials

Color Get a better understanding of the impact that different colors have on your mood and productivity levels and learn to be intentional when choosing paint colors for your home or office.

Sustainability- Understanding and using sustainable materials can be overwhelming. In this section Gala shares some easy ways you can begin incorporating sustainability into your life immediately.

Healthy Materials- Know the most important rooms to focus on and why.  

Less Is More- Part of being in alignment with Mother Nature is all about using just what is needed. Understand how living a less is more life will make your space and life more enjoyable and aligned.

Modern holistic Bedroom Design With Plants

Session 6 - Bonus Session: How To Approach An Interior Design Project

In this session I will:

The Beyond Spaces Course Logo

The Beyond Spaces Course Begins
September 2024

Course Bonuses


Join a private whatsapp group with Gala and your class peers where you can ask questions and share information on your holistic interior design journey.


Receive PDF guides for each session that you can use as reference tools in the future.


Upon course completion receive a Beyond Spaces Methodology badge to use on your social media channels.

What People Are Saying About Gala

Gala is inspiring, powerful, and real. - Conference Attendee review
You are so engaging and inspiring! The advice you gave me on starting small I implemented since the conference and it has made such a difference! - Conference attendee
Thank you for sharing with us today, I loved it. I am set to put everything I learned into action. - Ralph Lauren Talk attendee


We will meet on a weekday evening from 5PM-7PM.

Yes. For those who may have a conflict and are unable to attend a certain day, sessions will be recorded and shared upon request. However, attending the live sessions is highly encouraged because it will help you get more out of the course and community. Recorded sessions will remain accessible to course participants for one month after course completion.

Gala has been studying and practicing ancient design practices and holistic interior design for 7 years. She is considered an expert and pioneer on the subject and is an industry changemaker.

Since limited seats are available there is a strict no-refund policy.

Gala will invite participants to spend 15 minutes on HW assignments a week but it is not mandatory.

If you feel curious about Holistic Interior Design and going deeper in your work and life, then this course is for you! Or if you’d heard Gala speak on the subject at a conference and been wanting to learn more than this course is for you too!

You will have access as long as you like. As more participants take the course, the community will grow and you will be part of a robust community of like-minded people that are interested in a more holistic approach to life.

This community chat will support you in making connections with others, sharing insights and engaging in discussions. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects, and growth throughout the course and afterwards.

Please send an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you shortly.


The Beyond Spaces Course Logo

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All information given and exchanged in the course is confidential and not intended to be shared to any non-course participants or to be used by course participant in any manner other than as a personal educational tool.

Nothing contained in the course shall be construed as a warranty or guarantee on part of the Company that any success or other specific results will be achieved by the course participant. In addition, prior results, ie. Testimonials, do not predict future outcomes. The Company does not warrant that the use of the course will have any specific results. The Company disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by the course participant or any other authorized user of the course, or by anyone who may be informed of its contents.

The course participant agrees to take full responsibility for any harm or damage they suffer as a result of the use, or non-use, of the information available in the course. The course participant agrees to use judgment and conduct due diligence, including but not limited to seeking independent counsel, before taking any actions or implementing any plans or policy suggested or recommended in the course.

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