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At the end of each year I like to pause and take a second to look back at some of the year’s themes and learnings and share them with… YOU!

Every December we also put together our annual holistic gift guide to make shopping for friends and family easier.

If you’ve had any major AHA’s this year you’d like to share please comment below. I would love to hear about them ❤️. Shopping from our gift guide? Tell us about that, too!

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Holistic Gift Guide 2023

1. Lo—TEK. Design by Radical Indigenism– An incredible book about how indigenous cultures build and live aligned with Nature.

2. Digital Detox Box – One of the ways we encourage connection with families and friends when designing a space is by creating a custom digital detox box. These are so easy to make and a great, meaningful gift.

3. Jolie Filtered Shower Head – For the beauty guru who is also health conscious, this gift will have them looking great and feeling good about the water they’re showering in.

4. Alchemist Paint – Give yourself the gift of a mini-home-makeover with this VOC-free, non-toxic paint that will feel like a breath of fresh for your walls and you (literally!)

5. Brainstream Zwitscher Box – Sound is sometimes one of the forgotten senses in interior design. This ‘sound therapy’ machine emits recordings of birds in the forest, instantly connecting you to nature and creating a sense of calm.

6. Shakti Mat-  Apparently the pain is worth the gain with this acupressure mat. Those who use it regularly say after the first few prickly uses, it promotes deep relaxation.

7. Material Kitchen Salt Sphere – For the foodie in your life, this salt cellar is not only beautiful, but the company is also all about creating ritual. And we love having rituals  that foster the feeling of sanctuary in your home.

We hope this year’s holistic gift guide gave you some good inspiration!


Holistic Design 2023
Holistic Design 2023


This month, we were honored to be featured in Westchester Magazine. The article showcased a recent residential design project in Irvington, NY and highlighted GMD as a leader in Holistic Interior Design. 

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