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This month we’re highlighting a WIP office project we’re designing for global creative agency DesignStudio in LIC and taking you behind the scenes of the design and intention behind a recent living room we worked on to show you what goes on behind the scenes of Interior Design.


Design by Gala Magriñá Design, 3D Rendering by Cheng Hang

We wanted to highlight this project because the attention to detail and care DesignStudio has put into creating the ideal hybrid office for their employees at their new US headquarters has been inspiring to see and be a part of.

So many of our projects have included re-designing and retro fitting offices post-Covid, but this one was a vanilla box, which meant a lot more thought could be given to what the perfect hybrid space looks like now and over the next couple of years.

So what does that look like?

We went back and forth on floor plan each time considering what the in person and in-person/remote interactions would look like in the space. We considered how many spaces needed to be dedicated to hands on brainstorms, formal solo focused work, casual focused work, formal meetings and more casual meetings, and what those would be like for the person or client dialing in.

Branding wise, since designing for office spaces means “bringing a brand to life in a physical environment” and this is the office of a creative agency – the stakes were high. We had to find the perfect balance of cool, comfortable, inspiring, inviting and each room had to tell a story.

One of our favorites ended up being the reception area. Typically these are more formal spaces with a sofa and two arm chairs but DesignStudio wanted a fun, casual place to have all team meetings in so we dual purposed the space. It feels like one, giant living room complete with a 17’ long sectional, oversized coffee table and a library wall. And more importantly is the perfect microcosm of the overall vibe of the agency- one big, happy, creative family.

Where attention goes- energy flows. Because of this there is no doubt in my mind this studio will become the perfect home for DesignStudio where they will see their business and employees thrive. This is what conscious design is all about.

‘For us it was important to work with a local partner that put employee wellbeing at the heart of their process, which is exactly what we found in Gala and Jessica. We can’t wait to get into our space and start using it in 2023!’ – Richard Swain, Principal of the Americas, DesignStudio.


Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Joseph Kramm

Next up, we wanted to share how we tackled an oversized living room:

  • A big, comfortable sectional for the family to create a welcoming, not overly formal living space.

  • A performance velvet fabric for the sectional to create a polished vibe, but that is easy to clean and thus, stress free. Bonus: the ottoman is a storage piece for neatly tucking away blankets and kids toys. 

  • A small tete a tete table in the corner to be able to work from while watching TV/hanging with the family or when guests are over.

  • An oversized coffee table for maximum lounging and surface area when hosting and hanging.

  • Ottomans tucked behind the sectional for extra guests when entertaining.

  • Plants, plants and plants to bring Nature in.

  • A fun area rug, art and objects to juxtapose the more formal architecture of the space.

  • A credenza for extra storage (toys, laptops, etc.) keeping the space clutter free.

  • All white curtains so as not to detract from the windows and abundance of natural light.

Gala Magriñá Design works with clients that understand the importance of creating a beautiful space and want to work with a no-nonsense design team that is able to clearly chart the best way forward. What separates or approach from other designers is our extensive knowledge of how people live and work and how best to create a customized space that nurtures that. We aim to merge cool and beautiful interiors with a holistic, mindful and intuitive approach to design that results in powerful, healthy spaces that elevate and transform people’s lives. For more information please visit

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