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In this month’s issue we got you and everything you need to survive the Holidays!  We’re sharing our holiday gift guide with all the latest and greatest in home, holistic and wellness infused gifts – and to keep you in the holiday spirit while shopping – your very own holiday mixtape curated by us. Enjoy!


1. Socks That Plant Trees:

Socks are the old stand by Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for person, but this pair is anything but basic. Not only are they fully organic and fair trade, but each pair of socks bought equals ten trees planted. And while socks that plant trees are great, you can also choose socks that support other causes, like Socks That Build Homes or Socks That Support Mental Health.

2. I Love New York Blanket:

As New York natives, there’s not much we love more than our city – and we’re so happy to see her coming back strong, especially in time for the holidays. We also love supporting local New York small businesses like Calhoun & Co. We’re partial to this design, but there are many more to choose from.

3. Tulum Coffee Table Book:

You cannot go wrong with a good coffee table book, especially one this gorgeous. For that person who missed traveling for the past year or so, give them the gift of a getaway in a book. Other just as pretty covers include Ibiza, Palm Beach + Capri.

4. 12 Days of Crystals:

Remember how much you looked forward to opening the each box of your chocolate advent calendar as a kid? This is kind of like that, but without the sugar. The Shoppe Geo Crystal 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit includes a crystal a day, as well as inspirational messages and tips on practicing mindfulness.

5. Plant Subscription:

We don’t know about you, but we get a thrill each time we get a package delivered (which is all too often these days) – so why not give a gift that keeps giving? A plant subscription for your favorite #plantmom is sure to be a hit. We love that Lively Root has a variety of options, such as the Easy To Care For Subscription for beginners, or the Rare and Special Subscription for the planter who is a pro.

6. Ghia:

Holiday festivities usually call for cocktails, but if you’re looking for a gift to give without the unpleasant side effects of traditional spirits, check out Ghia Aperitif. It’s all natural, promises to ‘kick up the energy and calm the mind’, and comes in the most beautiful bottle – no wrapping necessary.


We find that music has the ability to bring us up when we’re feeling down and put us in the Holiday spirit no matter how stressed we may be! So light a candle, put your sweats on, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and press PLAY.

2021 holiday mix tape

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