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This month we’re sharing things you can do both at work and at home to create a healthier, happier, space. Surprisingly, one of the simplest ways to do this is by mimicking nature and bringing it inside. Thousands of years ago, we lived in nature and our lives were closely intertwined with nature’s rhythms and cycles. Now that the majority of people live in cities, it’s important to reestablish this connection with nature and bring it inside.


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Photo by Atelier Armbruster

Keeping your home ‘natural’ not only keeps you healthy physically, but mentally as well. When we connect to nature, our mood is more balanced, and we are happier overall.

There are a few ways to mimic nature in your home:

When possible, bring in furniture made from natural materials.

Choose solid wood over MDF, which emits harmful gasses known to cause adverse health effects. Swap plastics for glass. Buy fabrics in cotton or wool rather than synthetic materials, which tend to be made of plastics and are treated with chemicals. Not only do natural materials bring the look of nature into your home, but they are longer lasting, better for the environment, and cut down on adhesives, additives and chemicals which can be irritating to our bodies, or worse cause illness.

Choose lighting that mimics nature.

Natural sunlight is always best, so open blinds and curtains to let as much in as possible. Of course, not all rooms will have access to as much sunlight as others. To get as close as possible to sunlight in a way that’s comfortable indoors, choose LED lightbulbs that are in the 2700-3000K range. Add a variety of light sources, like floor and table lamps, so that when the sun goes down, you are able to turn overhead lights off in favor of lower light, mimicking sunset and supporting the body’s circadian rhythm. For more tips on getting lighting right in your home check out this article we were featured in on Redfin.

Add biophilic elements.

Biophilic elements are anything that looks like it came from the outdoors, or has a nature theme. This could be plants (real or faux), rugs made of natural fibers, natural wood or stone elements, biomorphic patterns in wallpaper or furniture or even artwork depicting nature.

Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparros
Design by Gala Magriñá Design, Photo by Claire Esparros


Design by Alda Ly Architecture, Photo by Reid Rolls
Design by Alda Ly Architecture, Photo by Reid Rolls

It doesn’t necessarily cost more to create a well-designed space for a business. It just requires two things: One, a business leader that is aware enough to understand how much our spaces impact us and decides to invest in good design. And two, for the interior designer, it means designing with intention, or as I like to call it conscious design.

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Gala Magriñá Design works with clients that understand the importance of creating a beautiful space and want to work with a no-nonsense design team that is able to clearly chart the best way forward. What separates or approach from other designers is our extensive knowledge of how people live and how best to create a customized space that nurtures that. We aim to merge cool and beautiful interiors with a holistic, mindful and intuitive approach to design that results in powerful, healthy spaces that elevate and transform people’s lives. For more information please visit

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