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Our interview with Refinery 29 about Quarantine Wellness: Home Makeovers As Self-Care got us thinking – let’s do an Instagram video series of basic design problems and easy one, two, three solutions. In this issue we’re talking about ways your home design can affect you and offering some easy-to-implement tips on how to tackle your next design project so you can elevate your space and make sure it is lifting you up versus bringing you down.


Illustration via Refinery 29
Illustration via Refinery 29

Our spaces affect us and matter. Tremendously. In fact, studies show that our spaces and how they are designed are so integral to our well-being that we believe they should become part of our daily wellness routines – demanding the same care and attention as we put into exercise and diet. Last month, Gala and a bunch of other experts sat down with Refinery 29 to discuss all of the ways or home environments affect us and what we can do to potentialize our spaces. Check out the full article here.


Hunker Home, DADA Goldberg, Gala Magriñá Design
Images Left to Right: Hunker Home, DADA Goldberg, Gala Magriñá Design

If you’re ready to begin updating your space and don’t know where to begin, head over to our IGTV page to check out some videos about everyday design problems and easy 1, 2, 3 solutions. Gala covers everything from “Where to Begin”, “How To Figure Out Your Style” and also “I Hate My Space, Where Do I Start”.

Just Push Play

While you’re hard at work on your space we wanted to make sure you had some awesome tunes to listen to, so check out our happy flashback mix on Spotify made just for you.

Gala Magriñá Design works with clients that understand the importance of creating a beautiful space and want to work with a no-nonsense design team that is able to clearly chart the best way forward. What separates or approach from other designers is our extensive knowledge of how people live and how best to create a customized space that nurtures that. We aim to merge cool and beautiful interiors with a holistic, mindful and intuitive approach to design that results in powerful, healthy spaces that elevate and transform people’s lives. For more information please visit

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