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In this month’s issue we’re talking plants and biophilia. Did you know that bringing hints of nature (like plants!) into your space can help boost mood, as well as lower stress and blood pressure? If you can’t get outside, then bringing nature indoors is the next best thing. Read on for our favorite plants, what they do and also some species that can survive no matter how much of a non green thumb you have. Enjoy!


Photo + Design by Gala Magriñá Design

1. Lady Palm: The lady palm is not only beautiful, but it’s one of the only plants that filters ammonia (which is contained in many cleaning products) in addition to other toxic fumes. It’s the perfect large plant for a sunny corner of a living room or dining room.

2. Peace Lily : The Peace Lily is not only one of the easiest to care for flowering plants, but it also filters toxic gasses including benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. It thrives in shade or in-direct sunlight, and loves moisture – making it a great plant for the bathroom.

3. Dragon Tree: With it’s unique bends and shapes, the Dragon Tree (pictured above, top left) is easy to love – and it loves you back! Just like the plants above, it’s an all-star at removing toxins like xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde.


Photo via @foreverplanty

1. Blue Star Fern: Is it weird to call a plant ‘chill’? The Blue Star Fern has an almost eucalyptus type vibe with beautiful, sea green leaves – and perfectly compliments the airy, light earth-tone design looks that are trending right now. Like most ferns, it loves humidity and light.

2. Alocasia: The theme of trendy plants for 2021 is texture – and the Alocasia (pictured above) brings it in a big way. The shape of the leaves is so unique, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

3. Calthea: The common name for this plant is the Prayer Plant – due to the fact that it’s leaves fold up at night as if it’s praying – which is amazing to witness. It’s moderately easy to take care of and pet safe, too!


Photo via Plant Style, Photo by Annette O’Brien

1. Snake Plant: This plant thrives in both bright and low light, needs to be watered every week or so, and thrives on mild ‘neglect’. Even those with the brownest of thumbs will be able to maintain this plant. Bonus: It is one of the top air filtering plants out there.

2. ZZ Plant: Originally from Africa, the ZZ Plant has bulb-like roots that help it store water in very arid climates. Because of this, it’s super easy to take care of even if you’re a little forgetful when it comes to watering.

3. Pothos: This super forgiving plant (pictured above, top left) will tell you it needs to be watered when it’s leaves are a little droopy looking. Once it has a drink the leaves will perk right back up!


We were recently featured in Northeast Meetings and Events talking about biophilia, how it affects us and the best way to incorporate it into an event or conference. Click here to read more (we’re on page 5).

Photo by Sean Smith

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