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Just because many of us are opting out of our summer trips this year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still feel like you’re on vacation. Check out some of our ideas to make your home feel like the getaway you need right now.

Vacation At Home

1. Forest Feeling – Dreaming of a cabin-in-the-woods type getaway? A fire pit not only looks cool and gives us an excuse to gather outside, but taps into our primal selves. Humans subconsciously connect fire with protection, warmth and food, and that generates positive, calm feelings. There are plenty of tutorials on how to build your own fire pit, and many retailers are also offering ready-made options. We particularly love this one by CB2.

2. Country Garden – It seems like everyone’s first instinct when quarantine began was to start a garden. But if you haven’t started your own mini-farm yet – it’s not too late! Gardening not only provides us with fresh food (read less trips to the grocery store) but it connects us with the Earth and provides a stress-reducing activity. Herbs are easy to start with. If you are living in an apartment – they can be grown on a windowsill or with a Growframe.

3. Happy Hour Vibes – Here’s one you can do outside on your patio or in your own kitchen: Create a cocktail bar to mix up happy hour beverages. Break out the fun glasses, garnishes and you’ll instantly feel like you’re on vacation. Check out our recipe below for an easy and refreshing cocktail that you can make with the rosemary from your new garden 😉

4. Tropical Paradise – Adding houseplants is an easy way to feel connected to nature – even if you don’t have an outdoor space. There are even a few varieties that will lend some ‘tropical’ vibes to your space, such as the Monstera and the Bird of Paradise that are easy to care for if you have a nice sunny spot.

5. Outdoor Oasis – Invest a little in updating your outdoor space. Add fun lounge chairs, create a breeze block wall to section off your outdoor dining space, or for a more adventurous idea, invest in an outdoor projector to screen your own movies. More quality time outside in fresh air is always a good thing.

6. Zen Retreat – Disconnect without leaving your home by setting up your own meditation space. It can be super peaceful to meditate outdoors (if you have the space and silence), but can easily be done inside as well. Designate a space where you are able to sit in quiet and layer cushions, pillows or rugs to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. Add plants for even more tranquility, or look to crystals to help with your meditation sessions.


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