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How Our Spaces Will Change

As Holistic Interior Designers, this “pause” has been a huge opportunity to think about and improve how we manage traditional work life and the spaces we design. It is forcing traditional ways of working – OUT. And the only way forward is through ADAPTATION + INNOVATION. Below some thoughts on what the new workspace will look like (at the office and at home) and what the future of retail spaces will look like in the coming months.

The New Workspace: Office + At Home

Whether you continue to work from home or go back to working in an office, your workspace is going to change over the next couple of months. We believe that our environments affect us in ways most of us can’t begin to imagine. Finding the balance between cleanliness/social distancing protocols and creating an uplifting, comforting environment that doesn’t feel like a hospital or war zone will be key for employee morale and wellbeing.

For those of you continuing to work from home and looking for ways to improve your “new office” we believe that the location of your work space and the things and colors you are surrounded by are major factors in mood and productivity and should be looked at.

new normal office spaces


1. Delineate Space: Utilize bright and fun floor graphics, rugs, or transparent dividers to delineate space and remind employees of social distancing guidelines

2. Get Artsy With Signage: Create modern, fun and well designed signage to guide employees through the office, remind them to wipe off high touch surfaces, etc. Add branding and company images to foster a sense of unity and connection with employees, especially those who may not be in the office every day

3. Keep Personal Items Personal: Install coat hooks or lockers so that employees have a space for their personal belongings

4. Get Fresh Air: Open doors and windows to minimize touch points and maximize fresh air circulation (fresh air also provides an instant mood boost!)

5. Bring In Some Fun: Add plants and other decorative elements that bring color, texture and warmth into the space. Studies show that being exposed to glimpses of nature within a space can lower heart rate, blood pressure and boost mood, immunity and productivity

6. Modify Communal Spaces: Move around existing furniture to create larger lounge areas so that employees can still come together in a safe way


1. Keep Your Work Out of the Bedroom: Create a work space outside of the bedroom. This will help with work/life balance and also keep work stress and energy outside of what should be the biggest sanctuary in your home

2. Maximize Natural Light: Put your desk close to a window to maximize your access to natural light which regulates your circadian rhythms and helps boost your mood and alertness throughout the day

3. Get Organized: Add organizing bins and desktop supplies to mimic your at work office set up as much as possible so that disruption is minimized

4. Add Color: Bright colors like red, orange and yellow are more Yang and are great in home offices as they uplift and boost alertness

5. Minimize Clutter: Clutter creates distraction and can lead to feelings of chaos. An organized work space reduces anxiety and promotes a calm, focused mind

6. Give Them a Sign: If you are sharing your work space with others in your home, create a sign you can hang on the wall or by your computer that let’s others know when you are working and when you are not to help delineate boundaries and keep you focused

Our Thoughts on the New Retail Space

Although most of us are going through varying degrees of financial hardship, we believe that once stores re-open, a lot of young people will want to get out, get inspired and be open to making small purchases. While we believe in less is more and quality over quantity, there is no denying the quick pick me up that a small purchase can provide. Not to mention, shopping is part of what makes things feel ‘normal’. After everything we’ve just gone through, people will be looking for these small joys and bits of normalcy. Once stores re-open it will be imperative to get both the vibe and health protocols right. Below is a list of some of the things we will be working on with our clients:

1. Create Beautiful + Inspiring Environments: People are looking for color, beauty and inspiration. Now more than ever, great store design and visual merchandising are key in supporting the business.

2. Impactful Windows: Your windows are “the billboard” for your store. Now is the time to invest in eye catching, uplifting and perfectly styled windows to bring customers inside.

3. Keep Doors Open: Not only is this a form of welcome, but it also minimizes high touch points by letting customers avoid door handles.

4. Delineate Space: Utilize bright and fun floor graphics and/or rugs to delineate space and remind customers of social distancing guidelines.

5. Hand Sanitizer Focal Points: Create cool focal points with hand sanitizer throughout the store.

6. Free Branded Face Masks at Entry: Think of the face mask as the new tote bag. Hand out free face masks at the entrance of the Store to ensure both your employees and customers are protected.

7. Upbeat Music: Keep your store playlist upbeat and fun. This will keep customers in the store and put them into a positive, relaxed mood.

8. Get Artsy With Signage: Create modern, fun and well-designed signage to guide customers through the store. 

We are here to help with this transition and make it as easy and seamless as possible. Please reach out here if you need additional support.

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