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New year, new possibilities!

Harness the power of the stars and see how your zodiac sign can incorporate some holistic elements into your home and work space to kick the year off right!

Aries: You are known for being bold, so why not bring that vibrancy into your living space by painting an accent wall? Choose a color like Blue Chip, Citronella, or Sockeye. Not only will this showcase your daring side, but these colors will give you the energy to take on the many projects you’re known for diving head first into. Bonus: Choose Sherwin Williams Harmony line for low VOC to limit the toxic chemicals in your home.

Taurus: The bulls of the zodiac have the potential to be homebodies. Break out of your ‘creature of comfort’ zone and get out of the house! Take a class on herbalism or holistic cooking (since your sign also loves all things ‘taste’ related) and use that knowledge to enjoy your time at home on those days that you’re feeling extra ‘taurus-y’.

Gemini: The twins are known for ‘spilling the tea’ (aka being gossip queens), but along those lines, try these actual teas to create a calming ritual for yourself when you are at home to unwind after a long day. It’s important to create space for quiet and self-reflection, especially for the sign known to be a social butterfly!

Cancer: You’re known for being highly intuitive. Incorporate some amethyst into your space to help hone your abilities! This crystal is known to increase spiritual awareness and clarify messages from the universe – on top of that it’s also a beautiful, biophilic addition to any space.

Leo: Known to appreciate beauty – whether it’s their surroundings or keeping themselves looking good. The best way to actually see the beauty around you is to invest in good lighting! Make the switch to LED bulbs, which not only allow us to see colors more truly, but they also use much less energy than standard, incandescent bulbs. Just make sure you’re using bulbs that are 3,000-3,500 lumens or more for a nice, balanced color.

Virgo: Practical and systematic, you’re a sign who’s known to actually enjoy cleaning and chores. But did you know that because of cleaning products (among other toxins) the air inside your home is actually more polluted than the air outdoors? We love Grove Collaborative to keep our cleaning arsenal stocked with holistic and sustainable options.

Libra: Known mostly for your strong sense of diplomacy and balance, Libras also tend to love the outdoors and nature. For these winter months when you can’t enjoy being outside as much as you’d like, bring some nature inside! Try a philodendron – which are easy to care for, but also coincidentally symbolizes love of nature and growth.

Scorpio: Scorpios are water signs, so go ahead and add a water element to your space! According to Feng Shui, water represents prosperity, so you will want this element to be ‘flowing’ throughout your home. Add a mirror, which is reflective, reminiscent of water, to your living room or entryway (but careful not to have it facing the front door!). Scorpios also tend to be the ‘darkest’ of the zodiac. If black is more your thing, this works as a water element as well. Add a black throw or some black and white photos for the same effect.

Sagittarius: Sags tend to draw energy from travel – so bring this into your home or workspace. Have some photos from your travels framed to create a space that resonates with this passion of yours. If you can frame photos of your more nature oriented travels – even better! Imagery of the outdoors is an easy way to bring the outside in and create a biophilic connection.

Capricorn: As the true workaholic of the zodiac, you might find yourself attached to gadgets, screens, trying to keep up with emails or the latest trends in your field. While remembering it’s important to ‘unplug’ figuratively, it’s just as important to physically unplug your devices when they are not in use. Be sure that all outlets in your home or workspace (for a Capricorn these might be one in the same), as this reduces excessive electric discharges which can affect the nervous system.

Aquarius: Aquarians are among the most social of the zodiac. Create a warm, communal space in your home where you can gather with friends and loved ones. Add plenty of seating and a table where guests can share a meal or play a game. Also the most freedom loving of all of the signs, make this communal space work for you too after you’re ready for some alone time when guests leave!

Pisces: Known as the dreamiest of the signs, give yourself the perfect sanctuary to do so! Try some essential oils for a calming effect before bed, invest in some natural, soft sheets (bamboo is ideal!), and try a sound machine. Sounds like a river running or rain falling are ideal because they are not only soothing, but they connect us with nature.

For more tips on how to improve your space, check out our 9 Tips for Holistic Space.

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