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Looking to give mindfully this holiday season?

We have the perfect gift guide for the holistically minded or those who could use a little nudge in that direction. Check out our Holistic Interior Design Tips and our Ivy Webinar for more ideas on how to put these gifts to work!

1. Let Fresh Air In: As far as air purifiers go, this one by Alen is not only effective, but much better looking than some of it’s counterparts on the market. We love this wood grain version.

2. Create a Healthy Environment: This goes for your body, too! Teelixer’s Mushroom Raw Cacao Latte harnesses the power of Reishi mushrooms to give you the boost of coffee but without the jitters – and it’s pretty packaging makes it perfect for gifting.

3. Let the Outdoors In: Give the gift of fresh air to the person on your list who might not quite have a green thumb. This Plants for Beginners’ monthly subscription from The Sill gives everyone the opportunity to cultivate their horticultural skills. Plants like the snake plant are not only super low maintenance, but also have some of the most potent purifying powers of all the plants out there!

4. Clean + De-Clutter: An organized space allows you to have an organized mind. Same goes for your bag! This Market Tote is not only beautiful, but it has tons of compartments to help keep your loved one organized. It’s also another reusable option in lieu of paper or plastic bags.

5. Create an Electromagnetically Balanced Space: This Tourmaline Pyramid will absorb excess energy given off by electronics AND add beauty to a space.

6. Avoid Toxic Products: Create your own spa experience at home, without any of the chemicals that are normally found by tapping into the knowledge found in Whole Beauty. Any health conscious babe would love to receive this beautiful (and informative) book.

7. Create a Sanctuary: Everyone knows about Palo Santo as a space clearing tool, but there are many other types of smoke that will do the same thing! These Cedar Rope Incense twists not only smell great, but their festive canister makes for a beautiful gift.

8. Dedicate Time Daily to Being In Silence: You can do this by meditating, or sitting in nature, or our favorite way – doing some silent self care. This Gua Sha set from Skin Gym is the perfect gift for the beauty junkie or anyone who might need to slow down and show themselves some love.

9. Connect with Color: Color has the power to lift our mood and change the vibration of a space. This quilt is not only bright and beautiful, but is sold by Achnal, a non-profit company who creates employment opportunities for women in India, thereby creating impactful social change. This is a gift you can feel doubly good about giving!

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