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Boost employee productivity, motivation, happiness and wellbeing.

Did you know that well designed offices can increase employee productivity by 12.5%? While poorly designed, unhealthy spaces can decrease productivity by 17%. As commercial interior designers of office spaces, do you know how many cluttered, chaotic, poorly designed spaces we visit on a weekly basis? A LOT. More than you can imagine. So it’s really awesome when we get to work with clients that put their employees first.

This was the case with our most recent project office design project for Connect One Bank in New Jersey. They hired us to convert an underused branch into a ‘Wework inspired’ office for their employees. We went from outdated wood moldings and commercial carpet to an open space office. Filled with plants, pops of color and geometric art as well as a well thought-out floor plan, it optimizes productivity and flow.

Awesome Before + After ? below.

It doesn’t take much to transform a space and a change like this will go a long way in employee motivation, happiness and wellbeing, which is priceless. 

office before and after
office before and after

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