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The environment you surround yourself with, either at home or in the office, is crucial- it impacts your mood, your motivations, actions and health. A beautiful, organized, well designed office space has been shown to increase productivity by 12%. So, when we start an office design project, we take it very seriously as we know we will be impacting the lives of hundreds of people on a daily basis for years to come.

Some of the main things we look at in the beginning of a project is work organization and creating an optimal seating plan to make it easier for employees to get work done. There are benefits to the popular open office plan as well as drawbacks. It’s important to review everyone’s function in a company to determine what will work best and that it is also aligned with future growth. Meeting rooms and phone pod spaces are typically always in demand, so we make sure to include as much of those as possible. We then get into company culture and how formal/informal we can make the kitchen spaces and lounges. Although one of our main goals is to design the coolest office possible, equally important is that it is the home of a business. It also needs to be extremely functional and ideally a place that inspires employees and makes it as easy as possible for them to get their work done and be successful.

Check out some of our latest office design work below. 

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