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Spring is the perfect time to go through your closets and do a quick, Marie Kondo “Does this spark joy?” or “Have I worn this or used this within the last year” test. If the answer is NO, then you know what to do – get rid of it! Going through old clothes and items and giving away what we no longer use has multiple benefits. 

One – by getting rid of the old, we create space for new and exciting things to come into our lives. A lot of the time, old things keep us weighted down and in the past, so by releasing them, we are lightening the energetic load and creating space for new opportunities to reach us. 

Secondly, if you are giving your old stuff away to a charity like Salvation Army, you are not only giving back, but if it gets sold in one of their stores, you are probably making the person that finds that piece of clothing or jewelry or art VERY HAPPY!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, by going through the items you already own, it reminds you of how much you have. Sometimes we purchase multiple items of the same style because we don’t even know what we have anymore. This leads to even more clutter and excess. If you are familiar and appreciative of every every single piece of clothing, jewelry, bag, pair of shoes, sporting equipment, tool, etc. that you own, you will always have what you need but not be living in excess, which is a great place to be.  

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