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As a child, my mom used to drag me to museums everywhere we went. I hated it. One day, when I was old enough to appreciate the art, I asked her- what makes a particular piece of art good? She told me that it was whatever spoke to you and sparked joy- as simple as that.

Every year we make an annual pilgrimage to the Armory Art Show. Check out some of our favorites from this years show that sparked some serious joy and how to select out for your office and home.

Also, when choosing art for your home or office it’s important to apply that same advice- choose something that you love and that works well with the style of your home. Art can provoke many different feelings so try and choose pieces that are bright and upbeat and put them in important places that you will see often like a focal wall, on the wall across from your bed which you look at first thing when you wake up, etc.

Some of our favorite online stores to buy affordable and awesome art are: Urban Outfitters, Artstar, Society6, 20×200 Prints and Artsy.

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