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Nestled next to the design shops, studios, restaurants and antique stores scattered around Warren street in scenic Hudson, The Rivertown Lodge aptly provides the perfect getaway for the stylish city dwellers of New York.

This upstate gem offers a refreshing take on an upstate lodge with a delicate mix of cozy custom-made furniture coupled with a slick Scandinavian inspired design that carries a certain Brooklyn-esque charm. This is a must visit on our list!


Don’t be fooled by the name, Valley Variety is not your typical variety store! This Etsy reminiscent store carries a carefully curated collection of products and services spanning from culinary experiences, kitchenware, gardening, travel, art, home decor and much more.

Sourced from local craftsmen and international brands, each item is purposefully selected to adhere to the store’s mission to help you “find the things you need and discover the things you can’t live without.” Checkout photos below of this unconventional cute yet contemporary space where beauty, urban culture and country lifestyle meet.

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