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Living plant wall at Nap York in New York, NY | well-designed spaces


With clients all over the country, we end up seeing a lot of cool spaces (which is awesome!) This month we didn’t have to travel too far: After a recent meeting in midtown, we stumbled across Nap York – an oasis for New Yorkers to focus on cultivating wellness in body and mind. As we walked into the company’s first location located at 480 7th Avenue, we were instantly transported to another world. Plant walls (and we mean the real kind) filled the space along with sounds of nature, and perfect lighting. The company does its best to operate paper free, so customers order their fresh juices via iPad, which are then served on a conveyor belt that runs through the space.


Eco-pod at Nap York | Creative experiential design


The second floor is the “Recharge Floor” where you can rent an eco friendly pod at $10 for a half hour. Pod rentals come with a hot towel, charcoal water, fresh linens and a toothbrush. Absolute heaven in the middle of Herald Square ?.

For those who want to go deeper- Nap York also offers yoga and meditation classes.

We spoke with the concierge and he said that they had received such a strong response that they’re already expanding. It’s nice to see people react positively to spaces and experiences that enhance wellbeing. As interior designers, the more we can create these “sanctuary” type spaces for clients, whether it be in an office, home or a hotel, the more we can help and positively impact humanity – and that’s a pretty cool thing.

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